Introducing Alea PRO.

Available Only to HVAC and Smart Home Installation Professionals play-alt Watch how alea pro works

Offer room-by-room temperature control without complexity

Only available through Alea trusted HVAC partners, Alea Pro vents and tools allow your service team to quickly address residential and light-commercial unbalanced air conditions.

Once installed, the system generates a thermal profile of the entire home, allowing it to run central heating and cooling systems at far higher efficiency.

Benefits for Alea HVAC Pros:

Extended Warranty

Offer your customers 3 years of coverage.

Authorized Reseller Program

Get Alea Air at wholesale pricing.

Referral Program

Let Alea customers in your territory find you.

Dashboard & Service Plans

Offer data-rich monitoring plans and real-time data to your customers.

System Monitoring

Alea powered remote system monitoring designed for smarter service opportunities, system improvements, and customer trust.

Sales & Support Made Easy

Alea's marketing collateral library and cimmitment to contractor support makes selling Alea simple.

Pro installation process

Balance your customers air in minutes, not days.

Alea leverages 11 sensors and machine learning algorithms to understand the thermal characteristics of each room in your home, then it optimizes to your preferences taking into account everything that effects the air in the room.

Evaluate. Propose. Install.

If your customer has unbalanced air in one or more rooms, Alean can be installed to remedy the uncomfortable conditions.

Evaluate the conditions, determine the number of Alea vets needed to address the issue, and submit your proposal.

Once approved, your Alea distributor will deliver the vents in 72 hours, guaranteed.

Air balancing made easy.

Setting up Alea for your customers takes approximately 5 minutes per vent.  Simply swap registers and configure the Alea app.  That’s it. 

The minimum number of vents we recommend is 3 vents per home. The maximum benefit would come from replacing all registers in a home for a whole-home solution.

Typical Issues Alea Air Can Detect:

• Uneven temperature
• Poor indoor air quality
• Leaky ductwork
• Noisy grilles and registers


Comfortable, satisfied, repeat customers.

Competitive advantage from using & offering Alea Air tools and solution
Opportunity to up-sell (Alea products, upgrades, air purifiers, etc.
Opportunity to offer attractive maintenance contract (remote monitoring lowers cost and offers tangible value)
Customer “stickiness” opportunity derived from remote diagnostic and monitoring capability
Position your company as a technology leader as more customers seek connected smart home products in their homes.

Alea Air works via a cloud-enabled, machine learning system that analyzes data and sends instructions via the Alea AirHub™ to each vent based on users' room-by-room preferences, weather forecasts, occupancy, room size and orientation, time of day, and more.

The networked Alea Air vents start measuring all the key environmental data about each room’s air condition. The data is regularly wirelessly transmitted to Alea’s Cloud Analytics and machine learning engine.

The Alea Air system continues to monitor the performance of HVAC system, maintaining historical data logs and helping it to run central heating and cooling systems at far higher efficiency.

All relevant data is available in an easy to understand dashboard format for the homeowner or his authorized maintenance technician. Additionally, whenever an issue is detected, alerts are automatically sent out to the homeowner and/or their authorized technician.

Balance air in the time it takes to change a register.

Alea may be the easiest install job you have. Simply swap out the exisitng registers with Alea vents. Then create an account in the Alea app and use 1-click set up to balance the conditions in the home.

The home owner can then customize the temperatures in any room the desire based on preferences and schedule.

Request an Alea PRO Demo

Fill out the form and one of our Alea experts will give you a 15-minute overview of our platform.

A demo with Alea includes:

  • A discussion of Alea (how it works, and how it can meet your needs)
  • Pricing details and engagement model
  • Q&A Session